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Bacon Bandages Bacon Lip Balm Bad Assy Wine Glass
Bacon BandagesBacon Lip BalmBad Assy Wine Glass

Experience the healing power of a bacon bandage.

Every time you eat bacon, don't you wish you could taste that cured meat flavor all day long? Well, now you can! Just carry around a tube of this Bacon Lip Balm and you can keep your lips moist and meaty around the clock. Warning: Your lips will...

Wine lovers? High quality wine glass with clever mood metering great for birthdays, bachelorettes, and wine parties badass black stem easy to clean.




Batter Finger Borrow My PEN Cool As F# Cat Socks
Batter FingerBorrow My PENCool As F# Cat Socks
Aunt Hattie's has BATTERFINGER spatula A HANDY LITTLE SPATULA Uh, oh. Have you been caught sticking your finger into that irresistible cake batter again? Next time, don't stick your pinky in the bowl. - use your BatterFinger instead! It's a handy...

Aunt Hattie loves her pens. BORROW MY PEN IS GUARANTEED TO LEAVE AN IMPRESSION You know those pens that end up in your pocket or purse promoting Joe's Garage or Nancy's House of Insurance? Aunt Hattie's sick mind have taken it one step too far by...

Have you ever seen such a cool cat on a sock before? That's because it was really freaking hard to make this cat look this good on these socks. But we did it, for you. And also because we really like cats. 




Darth Vader Mug Delicious Oven Mitt Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnet
Darth Vader MugDelicious Oven MittDirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnet

As most of you know, STAR WARS spans across generations of movie goers. Kids, Parents & Grand Parents love this movie franchise. This year they will be releasing Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015). They are also releasing the...

Of course it's delicious - you made it! Why? Does someone dare doubt your culinary prowess? Want me to beat them up? Super-insulated. 100% cotton.

AUNT HATTIE'S HAS A REVERSIBLE DISHWASHER MAGNET Are those dishes clean or dirty? Save yourself the trouble of constantly opening and closing the dishwasher door - check the sign instead! . Dirty/Clean reversible magnetic plaque keeps you in the...




Do You Want To Play With My Balls? Doctor Who Disappeari‚Äčng Tardis Mug Doctor Who String Lights
Do You Want To Play With My Balls?Doctor Who Disappeari‚Äčng Tardis MugDoctor Who String Lights

Very Funny Book....“Do You Want to Play with My Balls?” is the perfect gift for “parents, fun loving adults, friends, and even young children.

The iconic time machine / spacecraft sits in disguise on an English street. Add hot liquid, and it disappears, only to reappear in a far far away galaxy on...

Doctor Who fans, LOOK!!!! Tardis Christmas String Lights are at Aunt Hattie's. Doctor WHO is one of the hottest sci fi shows on TV!!! And you can party like a Time Lord with these TARDIS Lights or Make your Christmas Tree travel through time over...




F**k This S**t Socks Finger Hands Freeze Ice Cube Tray
F**k This S**t SocksFinger HandsFreeze Ice Cube Tray

Buy these socks for (besides a pair for you too, of course) the sassy, smart someone who doesn't mind lifting up their bottom cuff to show their true colors. 

Hey dude, did you ever wonder what it would look like if your fingers had tiny hands on the end as if they were arms? It's a freak out! These irresistible soft vinyl finger puppets fit snugly on the end of your finger and look like a tiny right...

The Freeze Gun Ice Tray makes any drink a piece of heavy artillery with or without alcohol. Made of safe silicone, the ice cubes will be a hit with any hunter or spy. You don't have to be 007 to appreciate the look of translucent guns floating in...




Guitar Ice Cube Tray Light My Bottle Monster Drink Koozie
Guitar Ice Cube TrayLight My BottleMonster Drink Koozie

Just when things can't get any cooler at Aunt Hattie's...we bring to you, Guitar Ice Cube Trays. Kick back and chill and here's a cool way to do it with this cool guitar ice cube trays. Give it a stir. Just the thing for jazzing up your favorite...

Light My Bottle are back at Aunt Hattie's. It's a wonderful way to re use your keepsake bottle or the bottle you drank last night. Use as a center piece, light up your hallway or bath room. Simply place 15 Fairy Lights inside a wine or liquor...

Aunt Hattie's has something for that giant, monster thirst. Transform into a party monster with The Beast. This giant GREEN fist drink kooler keeps your drink cold and your hand dry.




Multi-Function Car Jump Starter Orange Mustache Marker Outlander 18 oz Travel Cup
Multi-Function Car Jump StarterOrange Mustache MarkerOutlander 18 oz Travel Cup

For the person who has everything . We have a great gift item for him or her. It's a multi function jump starter. It's the size of your cell phone and it can jump start your car. No more waiting for the auto club or another car to jump you. Just...

Orange Mustache Marker for your water Bottle. Use as a ring or scarf holder too!  

Jamie & Claire make you hot? Then stay cool & quenched with this 18oz double walled acrylic travel cups with bold and bright designs of your favorite Outlander characters, perfect for hydrating on the go.




Photo Booth Props Pickle Bandages Pickle Lip Balm
Photo Booth PropsPickle BandagesPickle Lip Balm

Look what Aunt Hattie's has....Props for taking Photo booth pictures. You can create you own party with this prop box full of fun items to take photos with. 

A Cut ! A Bruise ! A Sore ! You're gotten yourself in quite a Pickle! These Pickle Bandages keep your wounds sterile and safe. Each Bandage is latex-free, features sterile gauze and looks just like a real Pickle! Inside the cool, collectible Tin you'll find a secret prize.

What's the big "dill"? Pickle Lip Balm is a soothing lip balm that's full of pickley character. So, get your tube today and give your lips the treat they deserve!




Princess Bride Lunch Box Smarty Assy Wine Glass Speak Out Game
Princess Bride Lunch BoxSmarty Assy Wine GlassSpeak Out Game

As You Wish! Whether it’s holding lunch or storing gear, Aunt Hattie's tin tote is sure to please. Designed with all your favorite Princess Bride characters, they are also a must for the collector. 9 x 3.5 x 7.5" h

Do you know a wine lover who turns into a smart ass after just a few sips? This high quality wine glass from BigMouth Inc. has a clever mood meter on the side to help you measure your personality. With a colorful pink stem this would make a great gift for birthdays, bachelorettes, or any wine lover.

Get ready to be doubled over with laughter with this ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game! .




Spock Koozie Tenzi Dice Game The Beast Giant Fist Koozie
Spock KoozieTenzi Dice GameThe Beast Giant Fist Koozie

“Live Long and Prosper."The Star Trek Spock Koozie resembles Spock's shirt! This officially licensed product is fun and functional. One drink from this koozie will have you throwing out Spock hand signals! 

Tenzi is a fast pace, family friendly, riot ! Really funn to play !

Transforming into a party monster is so easy and fun with the Beast Giant Fist drink kooler. Simply slip on the durable foam hand that keeps your drink chillin’, place any standard size can into the fist and its HAMMER TIME!




Chill Baby Mustache Fake Parking Tickets I Actually Gave A Shit Gum
Chill Baby MustacheFake Parking TicketsI Actually Gave A Shit Gum

There's nothing more adorably wrong than a baby with a mustache. That's why your little one...

5 PACK FAKE PARKING TICKETS Having received this traffic offense is evidence of your complete and total disregard for proper parking procedures.

Your timing sucks. (And you know exactly who I'm talking about, don't ya?) 




I Love You Gum Instant Asshole Gum MAT THE MOUSTACHE
I Love You GumInstant Asshole Gum Mat The Moustache

I Love You Gum

Amazingly effective! 8 pieces. Peppermint flavor.

The great thing about mustaches, is that they will catch your dinner and you can save it for later!




Mix Stix Drumsticks Kitchen Spoons Murder Mystery Party Musical Door Hanger
Mix Stix Drumsticks Kitchen SpoonsMurder Mystery PartyMusical Door Hanger

Every kitchen has it's own rhythm and hum, and now you can play along. Mix Stix Drumstick Kitchen Spoons are classic indispensable beechwood spoons...

Everything you need for throwing an unforgettable dinner party, including recipes, place cards, and a well-thought out murder. This entertaining kit is wonderful for...

I got the music in me! I got the music in me, I got the music in meeee! This musical note door hanger is just the thing. Three stainless steel treble clefs...




OCD Hand Sanitizer Pop Quiz Clock Shut the Hell Up Gum
OCD Hand SanitizerPop Quiz ClockShut the Hell Up Gum
If you're not sanitizing, you're getting infected. Open cap, sanitize, close cap. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

Math Teacher's, Engineers, or just plain smarty pants will LOVE this clock. Each hour is marked by a simple math problem. Solve it and solve the...

Seriously, how about a nice big pack of shut the hell up! 8 cinnamon pieces to chew all at once. You've got more that one person in your life that...




Stylish Mustaches Thanks For Scooping My Poop Hand Sanitizer Uh Oh...Emergency Underwear
Stylish MustachesThanks For Scooping My Poop Hand SanitizerUh Oh...Emergency Underwear

Change your mustache like you change your underwear! This seven piece collection of stylish mustaches allows you to have a dashing new look each day...

For those in charge of cleaning the cat box. Who's a good girl? SUCH a gooooood girl. Now refill my bowl too, will ya? Kinda gettin' the munchies.

Emergency Underpants are always there for you when you need them. Great birthday gift for anyone entering middle age or older. Emergency underwear...




World War Z Board Game XL Wine Glass You're Kind of a Dick Gum
World War Z Board GameXL Wine GlassYou're Kind of a Dick Gum

Zombie hordes appear in four different strength levels - defeat them with the right combination of strategy and luck!

XL Wine Glass holds a whole bottle of wine!!! The XL Wine Glass holds a full 750 ml bottle of your favorite wine so you can honestly say, that you only had...

For that Dick in your life (and I ain't talkin Richard). 8 pieces of candy coated Cinnamon flavor gum.




Zombie Cribbage
Zombie Cribbage

If your game night mentality is survival of the fittest, you're sure to outlive opponents in this post-apocalyptic play then Zombie cribbage is for you!


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